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New Medicare FFS Reimbursement Opportunities


New Medicare FFS Reimbursement Opportunities

No Risk,
All Rewards

Physicians and beneficiaries incur no financial risk or cost to join the DCE – only rewards!

Increased Standard Medicare Rates

Receive guaranteed monthly payments over standard Medicare Rate.

Annual Shared Savings Incentives

Earn additional annual shared savings when hospitalization rates are reduced.

Technology Driven Senior Care

Virtual Care Coordination. Provider Partners Connect Care (PPCC) will provide dedicated, virtual Care Coordinators who will be the liaison between physicians and post-acute care teams – working to close HCC gaps and improve care plans for beneficiaries.

Advanced Analytics. Accessing live clinical data pulled directly from the post-acute EHRs, PPCC Care Coordinators will monitor beneficiary care progress and help to intervene in care to avoid unnecessary hospitalizations.


About Provider Partners Connect Care

Founded by a physician for physicians, Provider Partners Connect Care (PPCC) is focused on delivering high-quality coordinated care for Medicare FFS Beneficiaries.

PPCC will provide guaranteed monthly payments over standard Medicare Fee Schedule Rates for PCP visits and annual shared savings incentives based on reduced hospitalizations.


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